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Police Scanner Live Blog and News

College Student Trying to Sell Car via Craigslist is Murdered by Scumbag. Read more here.

FBI says National Incident-Based Reporting System is the pathway to quality and quantity of the crime data. Read more here.

Latest crime stats for California's Santa Clarita Valley paint an ugly picture. Read more here.

Coral Gables, FL Police Chief resigns amid accusations of manipulating crime statistics to make city appear safer. Read more here.

Report says LAPD mis-classifying violent crime, artificially deflating crime stats. Read more here.

Maine Dept. of Safety realeases 2013 crime stats; says it shows largest crime drop in 20 years. Read more here.

Chicago Magazine comes out with Part 2 of their investigation into Chicago's flimsy crime stats. Read more here.

Durham, NC violent crime increased 36 percent, driven by 70 percent increase in aggravated assaults, according to report. Read more here.

Klu Klux Klan starts neighborhood watch program in PA town. Read more here.

Inspector General says Chicago police manipulated crime data by under-reporting incidents. Read more here.

NYC Housing Authority (low income) units crime rate skyrockets. Read more here.

Reformed ex-cons part of group to patrol NY's Coney Island to fight crime and "interrupt" violence. Read more here.

LAPD analyzes and releases maps on high-crime areas. Then asks residents to use them to help stop crime - walk with a friend, walk the dog, etc. Read more here.

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Crime Data Websites

Find a list of websites below that will provide further crime data information, including sites for the F.B.I., Bureau of Justice, Federal Bureau of Prisons, America's Most Wanted Criminals, and more.

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